The Azure Sailing Team makes it possible to combine the unforgettable experience of the sailing with the unique undergraduate experience Hokko Yacht Harbor offers. Since 2013, we’ve worked hard to continue great legacies and traditions. Guys with any amount of sailing experience are welcome to join the team at any time.

“You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world.”

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Team Azure hope to change the world through our action of sailing, we believe we can do it. We are focusing on the destruction of the ocean environment, accordingly we attend to that is new generation of charitable foundation to support charity activists. If you assent us, please visit to confirm how we do on it.

Takaya Fujikawa / Azure Captain


Takaya Fujikawa

Takaya keeps his policy to have fun at the maximum with securing perfect safe.

  • Captain of Azure
  • Skipper
  • Webmaster


Kazz Yoshikawa

Kazz was a sailing instructor based in Osaka Hokko Yacht harbor. You can learn a lot on sailing with him.

  • Senior Technical Director
  • Mainsail Trimmer
  • Planning Manager


Sumio Ume-San

Ume-San always takes a great pictures for us with his star quality of photography.

  • Technical Director
  • Headsail Trimmer
  • Public Relations Manager


Mitsu Matsu-Chan

Matsu-Chan runs trail, designs architectural structures, and sails across the sea.

  • Headsail Trimmer
  • Sail Grinder
  • Floater


Ribeka Sano

Ribeka who loves sea is five-star rated girl as a DJ on popular radio station in Kobe.

  • Sail Grinder
  • Pitman
  • Planning Manager


Naotaka Hashiya

Naotaka's graduated from Hokko sailing school, then attended to our Team Azure.

  • Floater
  • Sail Grinder
  • Pitman


Shu Yamamoto

Shu is youngest crew of us. He loves to spend his holiday time by the sea.

  • Floater
  • Sail Grinder
  • Pitman

Azure sailing team keeps our policy to have fun at the maximum with securing perfect safe. Please visitors to our sailboat keep our rules for to protect your safety on the sea. Safety on a sailboat involves a wide range of activities and the use of important safety gear and equipment. First, be sure you understand the Rules of the Road to avoid collisions with other boats. If you’re not sure you have all the knowledge and skills you need for safe boating, check this list of safety topics included in boating safety courses to see you have any gaps to fill.

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